Банк для світу, що змінюється



In April 2006, one of the largest financial groups in the world BNP Paribas became the strategic investor UKRSIBBANK with a share of 51%.  In 2009, the share was increased to 81.42%, and in 2010 to 99.99%. In August 2011, the procedure for the acquisition of 15% of shares of UKRSIBBANK was completed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), after that the share of BNP Paribas amounted to 84.99%. 

In February 2016, the size of the EBRD's share increased to 40%, that's why, the share of BNP Paribas comprised 59.99%. 

Integration with the BNP Paribas group has opened URSIBBANK new opportunities: involvement in the global brand, the use of advanced world experience, the transition to new standards of management. UKRSIBBANK is a bank of positive changes.

In February 2018, BNP Paribas bought UKRSIBBANK shares from minority shareholders, increasing its share to 60%. 

UKRSIBBANK offers package services, improves and simplifies sales processes. Without exaggeration, UKRSIBBANK is the most reliable and stable bank in Ukraine, thanks to a strategic partnership with BNP Paribas Group.


The history of UKRSIBBANK begins in 1990. For the first two years in the financial market, the bank acted as a Kharkiv Regional Bank serving large corporate clients. 

In 1996, the bank began to open branches in other regions of Ukraine, and since 2000 it has been building an efficient retail network. UKRSIBBANK is constantly expanding the list of banking services and products and gaining new market shares, by actively working with individuals and legal entities.

The bank has been hold in leading positions in the investment market, having repeatedly received the title of the best investment bank of the country since 2000.

UKRSIBBANK is becoming a national leader, confidently joining to the ranks of leading Ukrainian banks in 2003.

In December 2005, was hold an official ceremony of signing an agreement on the purchase of 51% stake of UKRSIBBANK by the largest international financial group of BNP Paribas.