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Cash-in ATMs (StarExpress) are special ATMs featuring advance functions that allow clients to receive main banking services with no queues and commissions.


Rules to use cash-in ATMs:

  • ATM accepts hryvnias: banknotes of UAH 10 and higher denomination.
  • Bills shall be deposited in one bundle (up to 40 banknotes) by inserting shorter side forward. The bundle may contain banknotes of different denomination.
  • If the ATM does not accept intact banknotes, you may try few more times. Refused banknotes will be returned via module of Bulk Note Acceptor.
  • Banknotes that have been left will be removed by the ATM in 45 seconds.
  • It is prohibited to insert torn, dirty, crumpled banknotes and foreign objects into the ATM.
  • Currency of the funds deposited into the ATM during specific transaction shall correspond to the currency of the account used for deposit.
With UkrSibbank payment card
Without the card
What transactions can be made?
How can a card account be refilled?

Only UAH card accounts

  1. Insert your payment card into a special slot in the ATM and enter your PIN.
  2. Select “Cash-In”.
  3. Insert required sum into the cash receiver.
  4. To deposit more, please return to items 2—3 once again.

The funds will be credited once the transaction is completed. Message on successful transaction will emerge on the ATM screen.