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Motor Vehicles Insurance (CASCO)

If you are looking for a way to ensure your own safety and safety of your car should anything unforeseen occur, then consider UkrSibbank’s “CASCO — All-Inclusive” car insurance programme.

“CASCO — All-Inclusive” insurance programme offered by JSC “Insurance Company “AXA Insurance” (AXA Group) is a unique offer that has no analogues in the Ukrainian market. The programme provides maximum insurance coverage, i.e. renders insurance protection against losses that may be caused by the onset of an unforeseen event.

Benefits of the “CASCO — All-Inclusive” car insurance programme:

  • "ALL RISKS" based agreement: insurance against all sorts of risks.
  • fixed insurance coverage, which is not changed after reimbursement.
  • ”Car Theft” risk is covered regardless of the place and duration of car storage.
  • anyone can legally drive the car while insurance price remains the same.
  • “New for Old” insurance. In case a car gets damaged, all repairs are paid regardless of car details wear out.
  • damage up to UAH 10,000 can be reimbursed without any documents from authorized bodies1.
  • damaged vehicle transportation is covered to the amount not exceeding UAH 2,000 per insurance event (the service can be used 3 times during the contract period).
  • door locks and ignition key replacement, engine starting electronic mechanisms reprogramming are compensated (50% of documented expenses once per agreement validity period).
  • insurance indemnity is payable regardless of who is the traffic rules offender in a particular case.
1 — if the Insured is the only member of the insured event.

For detailed information about UkrSibbank services, please contact the information and reference service at 729 (free for mobile calls) or 0 800 505 800 (free calls within Ukraine).