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Internet banking Star24

    Internet banking Star24

    Any1 UkrSibbank’s card account owner can connect to internet-banking system Star24.

    Using Star24 you can:

    • Open deposit and saving accounts.
    • Change card limits (payments on the Internet, cash withdrawals).
    • Order additional cards.
    • Pay for utilities.
    • Replenish mobile.
    • Pay in favor of Internet, TV providers; replenish accounts in social networks and online games.
    • Transfer money between own accounts and to other recipients.
    • Replenish deposit.
    • Repay loan.
    • Set regular payments.
    • Send and receive money transfers through “Za Myt” system.
    • View and print statements for the last year.
    • Manage SMS-notification service.

    Getting started


    How to register?

    Find out more

    Information about the system

    Security of the system

    1 — except customers who own only карткових рахунків revolving credit cards accounts.

    Features of the system:

    Reglament of payments processing
    Functionality of the system
    Limits for operations

    Reglament of payments processing:

    Type of payment


    Mobile replenishment, “Instant payments”, “Utility bills” 24/7
    “Za myt'” transfers Working days from 9:00 to 19:002
    Deposits opening Every day from 9:00 to 20:00
    Transfers between your own accounts in UkrSibbank 24/7
    Transfers to idivduals' accounts in UkrSibbank 24/7
    Transfers to legal entities' accounts in UkrSibbank Working days from 9:00 to 19:002
    Transfers to accounts in other banks Working days from 9:00 to 17:452
    Cards’ limits management 24/7
    2 —For payments created in another time, transfer amount on your account will be blocked immediately, but credited to the receiver's account at the beginning of the next working day.

    Getting started


    Fees for transactions done in Star24 for All Inclusive package

    All Inclusive
    All Inclusive Ultra
    All Inclusive De Luxe
    Type of operationComission (without VAT)
    Payments and transfers from card account
    Payments in favor of mobile operators 1 UAH
    Payments done in menu "Utility bills", "Instant payments" (except payments in favor of mobile operators), "To insurance companies" free of charge
    Transfers to accounts opened in UkrSibbank free of charge
    Transfers to accounts opened in other banks 8 UAH
    Money transfers through Za Myt system 0,5%, min. 4 UAH
    Transfers from saving account
    Transfer to card account opened in the frame of the same All Inclusive package free of charge
    Transfers to other account not available
    How to register in Star24?

    If you are UkrSibbank’s cardholder, please visit your Branch or use any UkrSibbank’s ATM (menu Services – Subscribe Star24) and after call to Contact Centre — 0 800 505 800 to confirm registration.

    If you aren’t UkrSibbank’s customer, please open any card product of UkrSibbank and ask for access to Star24 in the Branch while product opening.

    I forgot the password. What should I do?

    Please call to Contact Centre or visit your Branch.

    I can’t login to the system, it shows me the message about an error.

    Please, call to Contact Centre and describe your problem to the agent.

    For detailed information about UkrSibbank services, please contact the information and reference service at 729 (free for mobile calls) or 0 800 505 800 (free calls within Ukraine).