UKRSIB online

UKRSIBBANK's customers already buy and sell currency in UKRSIB online banking. Join!

Watch the video to see how easy it is.

Online banking is that simple! We found out what kind of Internet banking our clients would like to use. Taking into consideration our clients’ desires, we have created UKRSIB online.

Just enroll in UKRSIB online navigating to the link.

Or enroll through the iOS or Android app

Download application for iOS on AppStore   Download application for Android on Google Play   Download application for Android on AppGallery

System capability

Transactions conducted through the system


  • To open the savings accounts;
  • To an account in foreign currency (USD, EUR).

Payment cards

  • To change limit on card transactions (online payment, cash withdrawal);
  • To order additional cards with customized design;
  • To manage Star Inform / Star Inform+ ;
  • To unblock/block card
  • Information on payment cards


  • for mobile services;
  • for utilities;
  • to repay loans, including prematurely.


  • between your own accounts;
  • to/from cards within UKRSIBBANK
  • to the accounts of the recipients at UKRSIBBANK and other banks;
  • send and receive money fast with «Za myt».

Currency exchange

  • buying currency: UAH, USD, EUR;
  • currency sale: UAH, USD, EUR.

Payment processing mode

Payment Type

Payment Processing Mode

Transfers to the accounts of legal entities with UKRSIBBANK Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Transfers to the accounts with other banks Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 6:45 p.m.
The rest of transactions 24/7


More information at the link

Security in the system

What do you have to do to safeguard your identity

  1. 1. You never should tell anyone your password(s) and one-time password(s) from SMS. Remember, under any circumstances no bank’s employees will ever ask you for your password(s).
  2. Install a licensed antivirus on your PC.
  3. Do not store your password(s) in notepads or on your Smartphone. If you forget it, the password can be restored online in just a few minutes.

Learn how we protect your privacy

  1. We send one-time password(s) to confirm your payment(s). The password is valid only for a while and can be used for once only.
  2. We automatically log you out if you are not active within 20 minutes. In case you forget to log UKRSIB online out, no one will be able to use your account.
  3. We block an account if the password or SMS code has been incorrectly entered several times. You will resume your access online or through the Contact Center within minutes.
  4. We e-mail you about login from phones and PCs, from which you have not logged in before.


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UKRSIB online user's manual
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UKRSIB online mobile app user's manual