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Because we care about the safety of your payments made using our cards, UkrSibbank has established limits for transactions using international payment cards. These limits follow the recommendations of international payment systems.

Limits for transactions under a card account mean the sum under which you can:

  • receive cash from ATMs and branches of the Bank or other ATMs;
  • pay for goods and services at sales outlets and pay for cell phone services in UkrSibbank ATMs;
  • pay for goods and services in the Internet;
  • execute other transactions under the card account.

You can change your own card limit amount: you can decrease or increase it at any time.

To change the card limit you should:

  • change card limit in Star24 or
  • call to the Information and Reference Service at 0 800 505 800 or
  • visit branch of UkrSibbank where your card account is serviced.

At your will, the limit may be established:

  • for the limited time period determined by you;
  • on a permanent basis: till the date of card’s expiration or till the next time you change a limit.

Limits for transactions using UkrSibbank payment cards on daily basis (valid from 7.11.2016)

Limits for cards in foreign currency set as equivalent in UAH according to exchange rates of NBU
Type of transaction VISA Classic / Instant VISA Classic / VISA Classic Economy / MasterCard Standard / MasterCard Debit1 VISA Business / MasterCard Business / MasterCard Corporate
VISA Gold1 / MasterCard Gold / VISA Platinum / MasterCard Platinum
Payment for goods and services:
— in the Internet by card without 3D Secure




— in the Internet by card with 3D Secure 7 5002 UAH 15 000 UAH 15 000 UAH
— in the trade network 30 000 UAH 50 000 UAH 100 000 UAH
Receipt of cash (card withdrawal limit)
— by ATMs 5 000 UAH 50 000 UAH 25 000 UAH
— at the branches 200 000 UAH 200 000 UAH 200 000 UAH
Receipt of cash (card account withdrawal limit)3:
— by ATMs 50 000 UAH 50 000 UAH 50 000 UAH
— at the branches 200 000 UAH 200 000 UAH 200 000 UAH
Money transfers:
into another card account through an ATM (including Visa Money Transfer, Visa Fast Funds and MasterCard Money Send) 30 000 UAH 0 UAH 100 000 UAH
Total limit:
— for amount 1 000 000 UAH 04 UAH 1 000 000 UAH
— for number of financial transactions 20 20 20
1 — Limit of ATM withdrawal set in amount of 5 000 UAH per month for a credit card with a grace period.
Limit of ATM and branches withdrawal set in amount of 5 000 UAH per day for a revolver credit card.
Limit of cash withdrawal of ATMs and UkrSibbank branches set in amount of 50 000 UAH per month for a non-personalized credit card with a zero credit limit, wich is issued with cash loan issuance.
2 — For cards to the tariff plans both "Pension cards" and "Social cards" the amount of limit is 1 000 UAH.
3 — Means the total amount you can withdraw each day from one card account (using all cards issued to this account in total)
4 — For cards to the tariff plan Corporate Cards+ (issued till 23.08.2013) the amount of total limit is 1 000 000 UAH.

For detailed information about UkrSibbank services, please contact the information and reference service at 729 (free for mobile calls) or 0 800 505 800 (free calls within Ukraine).