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Current accounts and Tariff Packages

Current accounts allow your enterprise to execute all transactions at advantageous tariffs, both in Ukraine and abroad. To open a current account you must choose one of the following tariff packages:

  • The «Econom» tariff package is an universal offer for companies and will be the best solution for those who want to support the salary project using corporate or other card accounts.
  • The «Entrepreneur» tariff package is designed for cash settlement services of private entrepreneurs and can be used both for business and personal needs.
  • The «Unlimited» tariff package is a special offer for those who make a lot of payments and withdraw cash from current accounts. Tariff package usage allows to make an unlimited number of payments without unnecessary expenses both within the UkrSibbank' and other bank's accounts.

All these packages give you the opportunity to use for free our Internet Banking system (StarAccess) and to manage your funds anytime and everywhere:

  • connection fee — 0 UAH;
  • monthly fee — 0 UAH;
  • comission for transfer to UkrSibbank's accounts through StarAccess — 0 UAH.

There are also some packages dedicated to more specific needs: