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Trade Finance

UkrSibbank is part of BNP Paribas Group, one of the largest banking groups and one of the European leaders in banking and financial services. UkrSibbank is offering your company trade finance, as a form of deal with ukrainian and foreign counteragents.

To settle efficient commercial activities UkrSibbank is offering you to use the following financial instruments:

Bank guarantee

If you need additional confirmation of the performance of obligations, a bank guarantee entitles you to receive payment from the Bank upon the first request in the event of partial or full non-performance of obligations by the counteragent.

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Letter of credit

А letter of credit is a bank's obligation to pay the stated amount of funds to the seller of goods or services subject to the provision of a set of documents certifying shipment or services provision meeting all the requirements.

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Dоcumentary collection

Dоcumentary collection may be used only if there is a stable trust relationship with your partner as the Bank is not obliged to make the payment. The Bank only checks the number of shipping documents and hands them to the counteragent instead of the payment made by it.

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Electronic banking guarantee

Electronic banking guarantee provides for the right to participate in tenders organized by the “ProZorro” electronic state procurement system.

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UkrSibbank is the only bank in Ukraine with such a special activity as trade finance oriented to small and medium business clients. UkrSibbank's great experience in trade finance will ensure high-quality support for your agreement, excluding potential risks as much as possible.

If your company uses or is going to use trade finance, then UkrSibbank:

  • guarantees the protection of your company's interests in commercial activities;
  • allows you to receive optimal offers in executing trade finance at competitive prices;
  • shortens the execution of the required documents subject to security provision;
  • provides qualified support with executing the payment part of a contract or agreement;
  • guarantees that you counteragent will meet its obligations even under a preliminary agreement.