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Recieving and making payments

UkrSibbank offers you to use the following services:

If you want to simplify the procedure of accepting payments to your company in the national currency, conclude an Agreement on Acceptance of Payments.

Having concluded an Agreement, your enterprise will be able to:

  • save on cash collection and maintenance;
  • receive on-line information on acceptance of payments in the form of a register (by e-mail or from the Bank's server);
  • improve the quality of servicing senders because, upon execution of the Agreement, the recipient's details will be entered into the Bank's system and the payment acceptance procedure will be faster;
  • accept payments to your company at any UkrSibbank branch;
  • define the party that will pay the commission fee for making the payment, the commission fee for accepting payments may be paid by the senders or recipients.

According to the conditions of the Agreement, it is not mandatory to have a current account at UkrSibbank to be able to accept payments.

Ways to Make Commission Fee Payments

Party paying the fee Way of commission fee payment
Sender Commission fee is paid at the time of making the payment
Recipient Commission fee is paid by its deduction by the Bank from the payment amount at the time of its transfer
Commission fee is paid by standing order on the last business day of the month (provided an account is opened with UkrSibbank)
Recipient/Sender Commission fee is paid:
  • in equal sums;
  • or the sender pays a fixed part and the recipient pays a commission fee in percentage terms.

Commission fee is calculated from the amount of each payment. Tariffs for acceptance of payments are established by the Bank on the date of execution of the Agreement and do not change during the Agreement's entire validity term.

You can also make payments without opening a current account to the accounts of legal entities-residents, private entreprenuers and permanent and official representative offices in Ukraine. The terms and conditions of accepting payments depend on the availability of an Agreement on Acceptance of Payments with the recipient entered with the Bank.

Tariffs for making payments are applied only at the time of transferring money within the territory of Ukraine and do not provide for opening an account by the sender or cover money transfer system services.

Pay attention that the amount of payment transferred in the form of cash funds through the Bank's cash desk to the account of one recipient during one day cannot exceed UAH 10 000. This restriction does not apply to the following:

  • voluntary donations and charitable contributions;
  • payments for consumed electric power;
  • use of funds for business trips;
  • settlements between business entities during the period of purchasing agricultural products (the list of goods is determined by the Law of Ukraine «On State Support of Agriculture of Ukraine»);
  • settlements with individuals, budgets and state funds in trust.

To make a payment exceeding UAH 150 000, you should present the respective documents. The number of payment recipients is unlimited.

To execute an Agreement on Acceptance of Payments or Making a Payment, you should apply at the nearest UkrSibbank branch, state the purpose of the payment and present the recipient's details.

For detailed information about UkrSibbank services, please contact the information and reference service at 729 (free for mobile calls) or 0 800 505 800 (free calls within Ukraine).